Best wedding photography of 2018

February 01, 2019  •  2 Comments

2018 has been an interesting year, breaking my foot in July just before peak season, and photographing the summers weddings wearing one of those massive walking boots wasn’t something I planned for.
In September we moved 200 miles north, and I am now a Cheshire wedding photographer.

Things are going well and I’ve already taken bookings for Cheshire, Staffordshire and Lancashire weddings, as well as continuing to work in London and the South East.
I’ve put a lot of miles on my car, and listened to even more music than I usually do!

As with previous years I’ve tried to avoid the obvious photos in favour of the unique moments that make each wedding different and tell a story, and that is something I cannot do without my amazing brides and grooms. I say it every year, but its my cool couples and their bat shit crazy wedding guests that set my photos apart from normal wedding photography!
You rock!  

This year I'm going to give you the choice I never had. (If you know the film that line came from, we will definitely get along) 
You can either sit back and watch the photos as a video on the link above, or scroll through them nice and big at your own pace below. 

Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1001Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1001 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1002Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1002 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1003Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1003 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1004Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1004 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1005Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1005 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1006Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1006 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1007Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1007 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1008Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1008 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1009Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1009 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1010Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1010 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1011Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1011 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1012Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1012 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1013Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1013 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1014Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1014 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1015Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1015 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1016Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1016 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1017Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1017 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1018Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1018 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1019Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1019 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1020Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1020 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1021Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1021 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1022Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1022 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1023Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1023 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1024Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1024 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1025Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1025 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1026Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1026 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1027Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1027 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1028Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1028 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1029Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1029 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1030Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1030 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1031Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1031 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1032Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1032 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1033Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1033 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1034Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1034 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1035Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1035 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1036Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1036 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1037Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1037 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1038Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1038 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1039Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1039 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1040Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1040 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1041Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1041 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1042Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1042 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1043Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1043 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1044Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1044 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1045Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1045 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1046Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1046 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1047Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1047 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1048Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1048 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1049Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1049 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1050Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1050 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1051Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1051 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1052Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1052 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1053Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1053 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1054Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1054 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1055Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1055 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1056Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1056 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1057Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1057 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1058Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1058 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1059Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1059 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1060Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1060 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1061Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1061 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1062Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1062 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1063Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1063 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1064Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1064 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1065Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1065 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1066Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1066 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1067Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1067 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1068Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1068 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1069Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1069 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1070Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1070 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1071Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1071 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1072Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1072 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1073Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1073 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1074Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1074 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1075Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1075 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1076Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1076 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1077Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1077 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1078Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1078 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1079Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1079 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1080Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1080 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1081Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1081 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1082Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1082 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1083Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1083 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1084Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1084 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1085Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1085 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1086Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1086 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1087Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1087 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1088Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1088 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1089Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1089 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1090Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1090 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1091Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1091 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1092Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1092 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1093Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1093 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1094Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1094 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1095Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1095 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1096Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1096 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1097Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1097 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1098Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1098 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1099Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1099 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1100Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1100 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1101Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1101 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1102Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1102 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1103Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1103 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1104Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1104 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1105Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1105 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1106Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1106 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1107Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1107 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1108Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1108 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1109Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1109 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1110Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1110 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1111Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1111 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1112Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1112 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1113Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1113 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1114Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1114 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1115Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1115 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1116Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1116 Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1117Cheshire Wedding Photographer-1117

If this made you smile, laugh or go "Awwww" at least once, please share it, or write me a nice comment below.
If you want to get in touch about me photographing your wedding please contact me on the link below.
At the time of writing I still have some dates left for 2019 and I'm taking bookings for 2020 and 2021.
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Magic Picture(non-registered)
i really liked your blog, the collection of the photos is really good. The collection is filled up with all kind of photos including the random clicks, the ceremonial clicks, and the crazy dancing ones which makes it interesting and fun.
Andy Wardle(non-registered)
Nice one Martin these are great! loads of proper moments and fun in there! Have a good un in 2019 dude ;O)
No comments posted.

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