I'm Martin, I probably think that I'm cooler than I actually am. 
I'm 42, I absolutely adore my family. My wife Dawn is amazing, she is also my business partner and does all the boring bits of running business that I don't like, book keeping and stuff like that. We have an eight year old son, Ollie, he is genuinely the coolest person I know and my best mate. 

I started skateboarding again with Ollie after a 20 year gap, he's only been on the board a year or so and is probably better than I am, but I enjoy it. 
Ollie has an instagram account for his skateboard videos @olliewolfman 

I also love music, its on constantly in our house, and while I'm editing photos I'm often chatting to like minded friends about new albums that we find on spotify.
I've attached a playlist of some of my favourite songs of 2019 at the bottom so you can see the type of stuff I like.
I'd say it's quite eclectic, and I will listen to most things, but I am definitely an old punk at heart!

We have recently moved to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, as this is where Dawn grew up.
We only moved up here from Kent last year, but its going well so far and we are all loving the calmer pace of life.

I also like rum.
I'm scared of frogs. (Long story)